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What is Welcome Baby Care?

Welcome Baby Care is your personalized postpartum support team. No matter what your unique situation — before or after baby arrives — our Certified Postpartum Doulas, Night Nurses and 775-347-6225provide the in-home care, education, skill and expertise you need.  From bed rest care to extra support for preemies and multiples to transitioning back to work, Welcome Baby Care is here to help. Questions? Click here!


Why Welcome Baby Care?

Welcome Baby Care is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health. Our caregivers passed a fingerprint background check, have current Infant/Child CPR certification and documented clear TB status to comply with MDH guidelines. We provide each family with a team of fully trained and vetted caregivers to ensure consistent coverage.





Baby’s First Days and Months – What Do I Need to Know?


Did you know that 80% of babies are born with a birthmark? Or that Baby will begin cooing at about 4 weeks?

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What’s the difference between baby blues and postpartum depression? ~ Why does my baby cry so much? ~ When should I call the doctor?

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